Unveiling the secret RSV-Rule and many other trivial to follow guidelines that will make your process and workflow in photography work like a charm. The only important values that matter in Photography bundled up and boiled down to the core. 


No longer endless hours of watching educational Videos that don't get to the point. Finally get access to the 4 TOP Tactic and learn all the secrets, tips and tricks all big industry players are using but don't want you to know.

In-depth knowledge
from experienced professionals 

A step by step process that guarantees professional results, covering: general strategy, pricing fundamentals, social media tactics and client management. Get access to reusable invoices, contracts, workflow templates used in real life high-value projects and practice your skills along with an interactive live case study.


Become a trusted expert who can take on any beauty photography project

Stop trying to "fake it till you make it", and instead - just learn how to actually make it. By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver standout images using a proven process
  • Elevate your photography & retouching work by mastering creative principles
  • Confidently manage projects and set client expectations
  • Avoid the overwhelm, and know exactly what to do next


This isn't a course like the others, we boiled this Masterclass down to what really matters in Beauty Photography & Retouching

Videos you enjoy

High production videos covering all the steps
and skills you need to become a professional,
presented in clear, no-nonsense video.

Save time with
ready to use docs

Each and every part of this course
is accompanied by a host of resources to
ensure your success and make your work more efficient.

practice what you learn

Even if you're not shooting right now,
our interactive case study will allow
you to practice and follow along.


Results from Photographer Abu Hayed, after participating the Art of Beauty Masterclass.

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her clients include

STUDY with
Tamara Williams

With over 1,5 Million followers across all socials, Tamara Williams is the most followed beauty Photographer worldwide. Her 11 year expertise and different approach have earned her prestige in the industry. Wether international Beauty Campaigns, High paying Private clients or big magazine spreads. Tamara has mastered it all and is finally ready to share her knowledge with you. 

what you'll learn about photography 📸

what you'll learn about retouching 🖌️

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what students say:


This lady is a master at what she's doing! As soon as I heard that she was launching a Masterclass, I had to sign up and participate & let me assure you, I was not disappointed! All expectations have been met and I always suggest it to fellow peers to participate in this amazing online event!

Mels daniel

Tamara’s masterclass is one of the greatest events I have ever attended. The event itself corresponded the name it had - “ The art of beauty”. Tamara and the team of professionals are true inspirations for me. The retoucher, incredible models and the amazing make up artist are beyond perfection. My gratitude has no limits for this masterclass. My handwriting in photography has totally charged and has reached the ideal point that was a life goal for me before the masterclass. I have returned with full arsenal of knowledge and great experience and with the most incredible memories . I would like to participate in such a masterclass for one more time to feel the same energy and emotions. ♥️

Karolina Miesowicz

The Masterclass with Tamara Williams is definitely a course that will motivate you to push yourself and to drive your passion. I have significantly broadened my horizons with photography, learned a few useful tricks and how to take realistic photos with focusing on details. Tamara showed how their every day work looks like - a step by step how to properly frame a photo, work with a model, set a good light and what equipment they use and recommend.Tamara patiently answered every question, gave valuable advices on the current portfolio. It dispelled all my doubts about taking photos. She told directly what to pay attention to and what to improve about my work. You will learn what has driven her journey in the past as an artist. Also she told us about her business’ history; from the artistic, administrative and financial side. It is a must have MASTERCLASS for anyone who is interested in gaining perspective of a true beauty master photographer. I would definitely choose this workshop again!

Marc Brutigam

I am so happy that I have made this investment and was capable to upgrade not only my photography and editing skills but also my complete approach towards my clients. I am now super confident and know how to carry this confidence on to my shootings and project pitches. Tamara never fails to impress with her easy to follow approaches. This Masterclass is truly for everyone who wants to become a badass at what they're doing! PLUS: I have made the investment back in only half a month after the masterclass, by following Tamaras pricing, marketing and sales tactics! If there's ever an extension, or a real life event: count me in.

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